Wabasha County Property Data (Minnesota)

The Wabasha County Recorder of Deeds keeps property, land, and property tax records for their county or local government in Wabasha County, Minnesota. These records contain a wealth of property data, including property tax assessments, property appraisals, and records on property transfers and sales such as titles and deeds. The Recorder of Deeds also has information on current and former property owners, a property's sale price, and descriptions of the Wabasha County property. They may also keep Wabasha County property maps that show boundaries, public property, property zones, and unclaimed parcels. This Wabasha County property data is often available to the public online through the Recorder of Deeds website.

Wabasha County Recorder of Deeds Wabasha MN 625 Jefferson Avenue 55981 651-565-3623

The Wabasha County Clerk's Office maintains public records for a county or local government, including a range of property records in Wabasha County, Minnesota. These property records include documents on Wabasha County property taxes such as property appraisals, property tax assessments, unpaid property taxes, and tax liens or foreclosures. These records contain property data about the former and current owners, property sales or transfers, and the property's boundaries. Clerk Offices often also keep property maps that contain Wabasha County property boundaries, property tax data, public property, and unclaimed parcels. These sources of Wabasha County property data, which are important for owners and prospective buyers, are often available on the Clerk Office website.

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The Wabasha County Assessor's Office determines the value of taxable property in a county or local community in Wabasha County, Minnesota. This property data is used to assess and collect property taxes. Assessor Offices maintain several forms of Wabasha County property data, including property tax assessments, property appraisal values, and records on public property and unclaimed parcels. These Wabasha County property records contain information on current and former owners, historic property tax rates, and changes to the appraisal process or property tax formulas. Wabasha County Assessors may also keep property maps that show property boundaries, buildings, and zoning lines, and their records may include information on unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Assessor Offices may provide online access to Wabasha County property data.

Wabasha County Assessor's Office Wabasha MN 625 Jefferson Avenue 55981 651-565-3669

The Wabasha County Auditor's Office oversees government agencies, evaluating the performance of these agencies and their compliance with laws, rules, and regulations in Wabasha County, Minnesota. They also conduct investigations of corruption and fraudulent activities. Auditor Offices maintain a number of property records, including property data on Wabasha County real estate taxes, violations of property tax rules, and any problems with property tax collection or the government's use of property tax records. Auditors may provide information on appealing tax appraisals or reporting errors in tax appraisal reports. Their office also produces reports on appraisers and assessors. These sources for Wabasha County property data may be available on the Auditor Office website.

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