Wayne County Property Data (Michigan)

The Wayne County Recorder of Deeds keeps property, land, and property tax records for their county or local government in Wayne County, Michigan. These records contain a wealth of property data, including property tax assessments, property appraisals, and records on property transfers and sales such as titles and deeds. The Recorder of Deeds also has information on current and former property owners, a property's sale price, and descriptions of the Wayne County property. They may also keep Wayne County property maps that show boundaries, public property, property zones, and unclaimed parcels. This Wayne County property data is often available to the public online through the Recorder of Deeds website.

Wayne County Recorder of Deeds Detroit MI 400 Monroe Avenue 48226 313-224-5850

The Wayne County Clerk's Office maintains public records for a county or local government, including a range of property records in Wayne County, Michigan. These property records include documents on Wayne County property taxes such as property appraisals, property tax assessments, unpaid property taxes, and tax liens or foreclosures. These records contain property data about the former and current owners, property sales or transfers, and the property's boundaries. Clerk Offices often also keep property maps that contain Wayne County property boundaries, property tax data, public property, and unclaimed parcels. These sources of Wayne County property data, which are important for owners and prospective buyers, are often available on the Clerk Office website.

Beatrice Clerk Detroit MI 3011 West Grand Boulevard, Ste 2000 48202 800-972-4283

Dearborn Clerk Dearborn MI 13615 Michigan Avenue 48126 313-943-2010

Detroit Clerk Detroit MI 421 Madison Street 48226 313-965-8727

Harper Woods City Clerk Harper Woods MI 19617 Harper Avenue 48225 313-343-2510

Highland Park City Clerk Highland Park MI 12050 Woodward Avenue 48203 313-852-3068

River Rouge Clerk River Rouge MI 10600 West Jefferson Avenue 48218 313-842-5604

Rockwood City Clerk Rockwood MI 32409 Fort Road 48173 734-379-9496

Southgate City Clerk Southgate MI 14400 Dix Toledo Road 48195 734-246-1300

Taylor City Clerk Taylor MI 23555 Goddard Road 48180 734-374-1474

Wayne City Clerk Wayne MI 3355 South Wayne Road 48184 734-722-2204

Wayne County Clerk Detroit MI 2 Woodward Avenue 48226 313-224-6262

Westland City Clerk Westland MI 36300 Warren Road 48185 734-467-3191

The Wayne County Assessor's Office determines the value of taxable property in a county or local community in Wayne County, Michigan. This property data is used to assess and collect property taxes. Assessor Offices maintain several forms of Wayne County property data, including property tax assessments, property appraisal values, and records on public property and unclaimed parcels. These Wayne County property records contain information on current and former owners, historic property tax rates, and changes to the appraisal process or property tax formulas. Wayne County Assessors may also keep property maps that show property boundaries, buildings, and zoning lines, and their records may include information on unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Assessor Offices may provide online access to Wayne County property data.

Canton Township Assessor Canton MI 1150 South Canton Center Road 48188 734-394-5111

River Rouge Assessor River Rouge MI 10600 West Jefferson Avenue, Ste 1 48218 313-842-7822

Romulus Assessor Romulus MI 11111 Wayne Road 48174 734-942-7520

Taylor Assessor Taylor MI 23555 Goddard Road 48180 734-374-1315

Trenton Assessor Trenton MI 2800 3rd Street 48183 734-675-6810

Wayne Assessor Wayne MI 3355 South Wayne Road 48184 734-722-2003

Wayne County Equalization Department Detroit MI 400 Monroe Street 48226 313-967-0010

Woodhaven City Assessor Trenton MI 21869 West Road 48183 734-675-4925

The Wayne County Archive maintains documents and materials with historic value, and they may operate as part of a library, as a private organization, or through a government agency in Wayne County, Michigan. Archives often keep a number of property records, including historic deeds and transfers, descriptions of properties, and information about historical property owners and buildings. Wayne County property titles and deeds can include information on prior owners, the date for all property sales or transfers, and in some cases, sale prices. These historical Wayne County property records can help when conducting genealogical research, and Archives may provide online access to their property data.

Detroit Birth & Death Records Archive Detroit MI 1151 Taylor Street, 1 48202 313-876-4049

Detroit Security Archive Detroit MI 11850 East Jefferson Avenue 48214 313-822-4400

Grosse Pointe Woods Records Archive Grosse Pointe Woods MI 20025 Mack Plaza Drive 48236 313-343-2419

Harper Woods Metro Records Archive Harper Woods MI 19775 Washtenaw Street 48225 313-372-6525

Inkster Property Records Archive Inkster MI 26215 Trowbridge Street 48141 313-563-4271

Inkster Records Archive Inkster MI 27301 South River Park Drive 48141 313-563-9850

Trenton Police Records Archive Trenton MI 2872 West Jefferson Avenue 48183 734-676-8377

Westland Vital Records Archive Westland MI 36601 Ford Road 48185 734-467-3188