Dillingham Census Area Property Data (Alaska)

The Dillingham Census Area Assessor's Office determines the value of taxable property in a county or local community in Dillingham Census Area, Alaska. This property data is used to assess and collect property taxes. Assessor Offices maintain several forms of Dillingham Census Area property data, including property tax assessments, property appraisal values, and records on public property and unclaimed parcels. These Dillingham Census Area property records contain information on current and former owners, historic property tax rates, and changes to the appraisal process or property tax formulas. Dillingham Census Area Assessors may also keep property maps that show property boundaries, buildings, and zoning lines, and their records may include information on unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Assessor Offices may provide online access to Dillingham Census Area property data.

Dillingham County Assessment Office Dillingham AK 141 Main Street East 99576 907-842-5211